The graduate course which most closely aligns with my research is GS/CSE 6330 3.0 “Critical Technical Practise: Computer Accessibility and Assistive Technology”. This course examines issues of technological design in computer accessibility and computational forms of assistive technology (hardware and/or software). Students learn to critically reflect on the hidden assumptions, ideologies and values underlying the design of these technologies, and to analyse and to design them.

I also teach the graduate course GS/EECS 5351 3.0 “Human-Computer Interaction”.


EECS 4080 3.0 “Computer Science Project”, EECS 4088 6.0 “Computer Science Capstone Project”: I have supervised a number of project courses on an individual basis.  Student who seek to complete either  of these project courses under my supervision are invited to send project proposals to me via email.  Please consult the Supplemental Calendar for EECS Courses further information.

I also teach EECS 3461 3.0 “User Interfaces” and EECS 4441 3.0 “Human Computer Interaction”.

I also teach some of the first-year courses that are core to the Computer Science and the Digital Media degree programs.